Cappadocia Antique Gelveri Cave Hotel has 35 charming rooms. You will love our historic and antique rooms . You may either sleep peacefully or have a rest in the harmony of wood,velvet,local carpets, and tiles in the high arched,stone-built rooms of Karamanli Konagi. Our 22 rooms are high arched and stone built and 13 room is cave style. You feel living a few hundreds years ago in our antique rooms. Every room like a time machine you will take to the past .

Cappadocia Antique Gelveri Cave Hotel about 200 years old. Cappadocia Antique Gelveri Cave Hotel is one of the mansion that the Orthodox People constructed before exchange in Güzelyurt in 1924. The mansion that has 35 rooms and large courtyard was constructed with the local Gelveri stone and some of them as cave it is one of the finest example traditional architecture. This magnificent mansion offers accommodation to share with visitors the beauty of the Cappadocia.

Our hotel has 35 rooms , courtyard, terrace , and indoor restaurants, cave wine house, cave cafe bar . It has also a private parking .